Saturday, 19 August 2017

The O Castro Mountain and Park


 After a wonderful day visiting the Monastery of Carboeiro and the Toxa waterfall, our next Galician class trip would be slightly closer to home. We would be exploring our very own Vigo, with María, our teacher, hoping to show us our base city from a new angle.

 The group met up on a gorgeous afternoon at the Plaza de España with its galloping horses. The light was perfect for photography, and as so we waited for the stragglers to arrive, I had a great time snapping the horses, trees and flowers.

 With everyone gathered, we began to gradually climb the Monte (Mount) do Castro. I knew the big hill would give us spectacular views of the city and the estuary. However, I didn't really know about the park up there, and how incredible it would be. I was in for a glorious surprise.

A double-sided cruceiro, very typical of Galicia

 One of the many lovely areas of the park was the pond with its sculptures, fountains and frogs. I would have loved to have been able to spend more time there.

 We found the promised views. They were, indeed, really something.

 I saw an exciting lizard with a black tail darting into a rock crevice.

 We encountered a sculpture incorporating various aspects of Vigo's history and culture, and I was delighted to see a tiny stone horreo - granary - tucked in there. I was beginning feel real affection towards the humble horreo - spotting them in gardens from the bus was always a fun way to pass time.

Seems Vigo likes Coldplay as well as the Sweet

 We arrived at the Castro de Vigo - an ancient settlement of round buildings. We couldn't get particularly close but it was still fascinating. We had been learning about that period of Galician history and to see what was left of it standing before us was very powerful.

 That was our tour of the Castro Mountain and Park, and it was without doubt one of my best afternoons in Vigo. The park was paradise to me, with its flowers and fountains, frogs and lizards and butterflies.

 This was also one my favourite photography sessions, as everything was just so beautiful. Quite a few of these images have been used in my online magazine, Foxglove Journal, to illustrate poems and fiction. Please consider visiting Foxglove if you haven't already - hopefully you'll discover some new writing you love.

 Our Vigo excursion will continue in my next post, so keep an eye out for that.

 Thanks for reading!

 Liz x