Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The house of Rosalía de Castro


 One beautiful spring day, my Galician class travelled to Padrón, a town known for its namesake peppers (some are hot, some not so it is a roulette) and for being the last residence of Rosalía de Castro, one of Galicia's most famous and beloved writers.

 We arrived at Rosalía's house, which was surrounded by gorgeous gardens. We would be attending a series of talks within the house on her life, works and legacy.

 As the day started to warm up, we settled inside and enjoyed the talks.

 Back outside, the sky was incredibly blue and it was lovely just wandering and admiring the variety of flowers, trees and vines.

 We were then given a tour of the house. It was a very special feeling to walk where Rosalía had walked. There were interactive exhibits about her works, and overall it was a fascinating experience.

 We then headed back into the lecture room to receive certificates for taking part in the event, as well as some poetry.

 Afterwards, we had one last look around the garden. We would be exploring more of Padrón, but for the moment I really loved being right there, surrounded by colour and scent.

 Watch this space for the rest of our adventures in Padrón.

 Thanks for reading.

 Liz x