Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Vigo: Life goes on


 This is just a quick update to share some of my photos from Vigo that don't really fit into other posts. You can expect random snaps of food, cats and funny little things that caught my eye. I hope you enjoy them!

Shop-bought crema catalana. Not as great as the fresh dessert I'd had at restaurants in Perpignan, but very decent

Night at Porta do Sol

The Merman is watching you

Cyclamens (I think!)

Cafetería Horse

An eclair. It was full of custard, not cream as you might expect

Cats ahoy!

Campus food

When I asked for potato omelette in Da Vinci and got a potato omelette sandwich. Strange but nice!

I went to Biscuits Galicia and ordered a croissant. Rebellious. (Don't worry, I did try out the biscuits at a later date.)

More cats

The student residence looking pretty

Moody sky

Spot the cat!

Nightfall over Vigo's harbour

A yummy treat from Yogen Früz

A foggy day on campus
A weird but tasty banana dessert

Sunset over campus

A comedy night

Spot the spider

 Thanks for reading.

 Liz x

Monday, 11 September 2017

Sobroso Castle


 We had enjoyed our visits to the Monastery of Oseira and the town of Ribadavia, and now it was time for the third and final segment of my Galician class's excursion

 The minibus took us up into the hills and through a forest before stopping a short way from the Castelo de Sobroso - Sobroso Castle. We walked for five minutes or so up to the entrance. The views were stunning.

 We arrived at the small, sturdy Castle. I fell in love with the architecture, which featured a lot of circles and cylinders. There were flowers everywhere, adding colour and fragrance to the scene.

 We stepped inside and were led to an ancient room full of seats. There, one of the people who worked there told us about the Castle. He explained that the council allowed them to look after the Castle and run projects and exhibitions there, as long as they also kept it open to the public.

 There was an exhibition on right then, and it was all about clothes through the ages.

 In one of the Castle rooms we were excited to stumble upon some honeycombs covered in bees. A tube allowed the bees to fly in and out through a narrow window.

Spot me!

 Out on the roof, the panorama was breathtaking.

 We spent a happy few minutes in the gift shop, which sold delicious creamy chocolate, carved wooden furniture and beautiful books with woven covers. 

 I think we were all sad to leave, but it had been a long day and we were pretty exhausted.

 As the minibus trundled back to Vigo, I reflected on a very special day out. I was so happy I had chosen to study Galician - the classes were fascinating and the trips showed me places I might not have been able to get to otherwise - places like the glorious Sobroso Castle.

 Thanks for reading.

 Liz x